Scan puzzles
Word Search from paper in an app

Conveniently keep your puzzles in your pocket, leaving your newspapers and magazines at home.
Also capture screenshots of the page(s) from digital subscriptions.
Get answers

Search for words, having the app find them for you in any direction.
Live preview
What You See Is What You Get

Instantly see what the scanner is able to recognize with the Word Search cells highlighted in the camera view.
In-picture solving
Trace words with maximum comfort

Swipe words in the original picture you captured.
Scanning guide
Maximize accuracy and detail

Jittery camera movement, lighting conditions and camera angle all impact scanning quality.
The scanning guide helps you get top quality results.
Recognize characters
Automagic with some help

Once a puzzle is scanned, its grid will be analyzed for characters to be used in the solution.
Review the results and correct if there are any inaccuracies.